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Passport Pickup and Delivery


If your passport is ready for pickup you can pick it up directly from the consulate or order a shippping to your adress:

Pickup from the Consulate:

Please bring with you the following documents:

   1- Your Pickup Receipt
   2- Your Old Algerian Passport
   3- Your Birth certificat S12

   NB: For children under 12 years:
   - The father can pick up his kid(s) passport without the presence of the Kids
   - The mother can pick her kid(s) passport ONLY IF she provides a paternal authorization (can be obtained from a notary)
   - If the father is not Algerian the MOTHER can pick up her kid(s) passport without any additional authorization.


Request the mailing of your passport to your adress:


To request the mailing of your passport please sent the following documents:

  • A notarized Sworn Statement in which you requests the mailing of your biometric passport and acknowledges any liability pertaining to potential loss or damage;
  • The expired old passport together with the receipt handed over to you the day of enrollment (fingerprinting) by the consulate staff member;
  • A prepaid certified mail return envelope bearing applicant’s current address to mail the passport;
  • The Original 12S birth certificate, which will be mailed back to the applicant with the biometric passport;
- Passport delivery applications are accepted only if a confirmation on the Consulate General website states the following :
« Congratulations ! your passport is ready for pick up ».

Any mail received prior to this confirmation will be rejected and will be mailed back to the applicant
- Requests for mailing biometric passports of minors, under age of 19, must be addressed by their legal tutor (The father according to the Algerian law).
- Requests for mailing biometric passports for minors under age of 19 of binational marriage (Algerian mother and alien father) must be addressed by the mother.
- Each adult must provide individual request, (This applies also to husbands and wives).
- It is advisable for families to provide a separate prepaid certified mail return envelope for each single biometric passport.
- Requests that do not meet the abovementioned conditions will not be processed.
- The Consulate General of Algeria in New York will, under no circumstances, be liable for loss or damage of any mailed biometric passport.


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