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Marriage Registration

[ Last modified: 07 January 2017 ]


Registration of an Algerian National′s Marriage occurred in either CGNY Consular Jurisdiction 44 States PDF

Nationals married in either of CGNY Consular Jurisdiction 44 States of United States of America must register their marriage at the Consulate General of Algeria in New York. A family book is issued after the registration, free of charge.

Please provide the followingl documents.

  1. Descriptive Form CS-CGNY-TUS44M001.
  2. Original copy of the American marriage Certificate.
  3. Birth certificates of both spouses, Full copies issued in less than (03) months (in case both Bride & Groom are Algerians born in Algeria) , or
    Full copies issued by the Country of their birth place (in case both Bride & Groom are Algerian citizens born in USA or abroad), or
    Proof of Algerian Nationality of either spouses
  4. Copy of ID card
  5. Certificate of Conversion to Islam ( Algerian Muslim female married applicant to non-Muslim foreigner, must provide a copy of certificate or argument of her husband’s conversion to Islam)

Kindly note:

Enclose a self-addressed certified envelope of the mailing service of your choice (USPS or UPS or FedEx) to send you back the family book.
Please do not use Regular mail: The Consulate General will not be responsible for any document loss that may occur through mail.

Incomplete application according to the instructions mentioned above, will be returned without any action at the Consulate General. The applicant will be responsible for the delay.

Feel free to contact us at: (1) 212-486-6930 (31), (32) ext. 307 or 308
Or by e-mail to: 12s@Algeria-cgny.org




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