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The Consulate General Main Duties

[ Last modified: 27 September 2012 ]


The Consulate General protects the interests of Algerian nationals abroad
It stands ready to help in the event of theft, loss of property and documents, arrest and incarceration (to ensure proper legal procedures)

The Consulate General in New York provides administrative services to the  Algerian community living within its jurisdiction ( 44 States).

    • As a civil registrar, it registers acts issued by local authorities concerning Algerian
      citizens residing in or visiting the USA; draws up birth certificates, marriage
      certificates, death certificates and necessary documentation for the transfer of mortal
      remains of an Algerian national to Algeria.
    • Issues officially recorded acts: e.g. power of attorney and successions.
    • Facilitates certain administrative procedures, legalization of a signature, certificate
      of residence, life certificate certified photocopies etc….
    • Issues national identity cards, passports, emergency travel documents
    • Helps with adoption (Kafala) procedures.
    • Handles military service issues: registration for military service (recensement),
      deferment and exemptions.
    •Compiles electoral lists and organizes the voting of the Algerian community for
      presidential elections, Parliamentary elections and referendums .






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List of Algerian Associations in USA

To enable the Consulate General to add Assocaitons to this list, applicants can submit their requests , including their contact details, by email to:



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