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Terminating Residency (C.C.R)

[ Last modified: 25 February 2014 ]


Important notice:


Under the Finance Act (Loi de Finances)2013, the amount of goods and personal effects allowed in Algeria in exemption of taxes and the control of foreign trade raised from 2.000.000,00 DA to 3.000.000,00 DA for employees and other citizens. For students and trainees, the amount authorized is 2.000.000,00 DA

Article 202 of Algerian Customs Act (Code des Douanes) allow Algerian Nationals legally living abroad and who plan to move their residence to Algeria, to apply for the benefits of the Certificate of Change de Residence (Certificat de Changement de Residence CCR).

The "Certificat de Changement de Residence- CCR" was established to enable Algerian expatriates planning to return home for good to take their personal belongings including a car, without paying customs duties and other taxes.


The "Certificat de Changement de Residence- CCR" was established to enable Algerian expatriates planning to return home for good to take back their personal belongings including a car, without paying customs duties and other taxes.

    • Applicant must be registered at the consulate.
    • Applicant must provide documents which show three (3) years of legal and
      uninterrupted residence in the USA, such as Employment Verification Letter, Bank              Statement….

• The CCR is granted once only to the Head of the family (spouse and minor children are
       not entitled.) It is valid for six (6) months from the date of issue and cannot be
       extended without the approval of Algerian Customs (Direction Generale des Douanes).
     Declared items on the inventory list should under no circumstances be amended. The
       addition of other items may result in the cancellation of the CCR by Algerian Customs.
    The issuance of the CCR leads systematically to the cancellation (Radiation) of the
      applicant’s consular registration. To seek re-registration, applicant must provide
      a First Registration File

Required Documents
To request a CCR, you need to provide the following documents:

     Application form.
     Inventory of personal belongings.
    • Original copy of the Consular Registration Card + 2 copies.
    • Copies of pages 1,2 and 3 of the passport.
    • Original copies of Proof of residence in the USA (Green Card, or Visa Stamp on passport       or American Passport). 
    • Vehicle registration documents, issued on the name of the applicant + 2 copies. 
    • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin + 02 copies .
    • Original invoice for the car + 2 copies. 
    • Proof of activity such as an Employment Verification letter or Enrolment Verification       Letter for students or trainees. 

  1.  A fixed fee in the amount de 3.75 USD for the CCR document.
  2. A variable fee which is calculated on the basis of the total value of the personal belongings, furniture and vehicle. This fee cannot exceed 42 USD if you apply for the maximum authorized amount 3.000.000,00 Algerian Dinars.   
  3. Students and trainees pay 50% of the due fee.   

Maximum permitted value of belongings (including a car)

     3.000.000,00 Algerian Dinars
       for applicants who are currently employed.
    2.000.000,00 Algerian Dinars
     for students and trainees.

Vehicle Specifications

     A new vehicle (voiture touristique) with engine that does not exceed 2000 cm3
       (for gas models) or 2500 cm3 (for Diesel models).
     Or a new Light Commercial Vehicle (vehicule utilitaire neuf) whose total weight
      (Poids total en charge) does not exceed 5950 Kgs.
    Or a wheel vehicle (Vehicule a roues) subject to registration. (Motor Bike, All-terrain         Vehicle… ).

Personal belongings:

Personal belongings include the whole family personal effects (clothing, books, toys, electronic devices, tools…), furniture (bedrooms, mattresses, sofa beds, kitchen appliances, entertainment devices …).  


Important notices:
     - Please note that a tax is imposed on vehicles of which the capacity is above        2000 cm3 for gas models and above 2500 cm3 for Diesel models.

     - Any excess of the amount authorized shall be subject to payment of duties        and taxes.
     - Recreational and fishing boats, pleasure crafts, zodiac boats are not                      allowed under CCR and cannot be added to the CCR Inventory. Applicants

       assume full and entire responsibility in this regard. 
     - In accordance with the Algerian Customs rules, the presence of the holder        of the CCR is now required when completing customs formalities in Algeria.        The proxies (procurations) are no more accepted.




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