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The Biometric Passport

[ Last modified: 26 April 2016 ]


What All Applicants for Biometric Passport Should Know:

The purpose of this announcement is to answer frequent questions raised over the phone or emailed to the Consulate General of Algeria in New York regarding biometric passport applications.

01-      Prior to submitting your application, you have to make sure that you have your Consular registration card. Go to First Registration page

    a) All applicants aged of 19 and above must file a request to obtain a Consulate Registration Card (link to First Consular Registration Card).

    b) Applicants aged below18 and below are included on their parents’ consular account as subsidiaries.

02- It is mandatory for each person to hold a biometric passport. It is no longer allowed to include a child on his parent’s passport.

03- Each biometric passport application, must include the following documents:

    a) Biometric passport form to filled out properly by each applicant, including children and spouses

    b) Applicants aged below18 and below are included on their parents’ consular account as subsidiaries.

    c) Original and a copy of a 12S Birth Certificate

    d) A copy of a consular registration card (Renewal of expired cards can be submitted Simultaneously)

    e) A copy of a proof of US residency (Green Card, valid student Visa, US passport)

    f) A proof of employment or school verification letter for students

    g) Seventy-Five USD ($75) Money Order

    h) Two (02) Photos

    i) Descriptive form (click here to download) of applicants who have already sent their applications, must be filled in with updated contact details and emailed to ( biometric@algeria-cgny.org )

04- Before you start your biometric passport application, you are responsible for the issuance of your S12 original birth certificate. Here are the links:

    a-     Algerian born in the USA

    b-     Algerian born in Algeria

    c-     Algerians born elsewhere

05-      Children under age of 12 are exempt from fingerprinting and facial recognition; therefore they are not required to appear in person at the Consulate General.

06-      Applications mailed to the Consulate General in New York cannot be tracked online; we must capture your fingerprints and facial recognition. Once completed, a confirmation number is issued to enable you to track your passport on the Consulate General website.

07-      Fingerprinting and facial recognition must be performed at the consulate General in New York. No appointment is needed; you can appear, at any time, during opening hours as posted on the CG website

08-      To enable the Consulate General to provide effective consular services that meet your expectations, it is highly recommended that prior to filling your application you must check the required documents posted on the Consulate website, perform a thorough verification of all the requested information and fill in the forms properly. It is your responsibility to make sure that your application is comprehensive.

09-      Applications, which comply with these instructions, will be processed. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be systematically mailed back.

10-      Except the mobile stations that are already planned for Colorado and Florida, no further mobile stations are planned for the time being.



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