First Consular Registration

[ Last modified: 27 March 2014 ]


Important notice:
     - Consular registration and the issuance of a consular registration card are       processed for citizens aged 19 years and older. For children under 19, they are       registered with the parents as subsidiary.

Please provide the following documents when applying for first consular registration:

     Application form filled in and signed by the applicant.
     Information sheet filled in and signed by the applicant.
• Original full birth certificate E.C12 (Copie Integrale).
    • Original of father’s birth certificate or Algerian Nationality Certificate.
    • Applicants born overseas should include birth certificates of two (2) paternal     

       ascendants born in Algeria.
    • Marriage certificate if applicable.
    • Notarized copy of a document showing the legal presence in the US, such as: F, H, G, A,
etc…., Alien Registration Card (“Green Card”) or copy of US passport.
    • Statement of employment of school registration.
    • Two (2) standard passport-size photos. Photos must be recent, frontal-view, of the same
batch, untouched, taken on white background and showing applicant wearing no
       glasses of any kind, except for prescription eyewear.
       Please write first and last names of applicant in pencil on back of photos.
    • Photocopy of first two pages of passport and page bearing US entry visa.
    • Self-addressed stamped envelope.
    • Married women should include marriage certificate.
    • Divorced women should include record of divorce judgment.

Please be advised that original records of civil status are required for first registration. Faxed or photocopied, even notarized, are not accepted.

The Consular registration card is valid for 5 years and is free of charge.