Contact Details and Opening Hours


Our Location
15 East 47 Street (Between Madison and 5th Av)
New York, NY 10017

Our emergency contact numbers:
1-631-882-5463 And 1-347-981-9720

Our Contact Details
1-212-486-6930 1-212-486-6931 1-212-486-6932


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Email Addresses

biometric Passport:
Civil Status:

Military Service:

First registration and registration renewal:

Power of Attorney (Procuration) :

Legalization of Documents :

12S Birth Certificate :

kafala :

Administrative and Financial Office:

Consular Matters:

Our Office Hours
Tuesday through Saturday, from 9am to 3pm

The Consulate General Holidays

The Consulate General is closed during the following holidays:
National Day: November 1st (One day)
Algeria Independence Day: July 5th (One day)
Eid-al-Fitr  : Two days
Eid-al-Adha: Two days 
Awal Mouharem: One day
Achoura: One day
El Mawlid En Nabaoui Echarif : One day
International Labor Day :May 1st (One day)
New Year's Day: January 1st (One day)
U.S Independence Day: July 4th (One day)
Thanksgiving: One day
Christmas Day : December 25th (One day)
Memorial Day : One day
U.S Labor Day : One day

** Please note that the dates of religious holidays mentioned above are based on the
lunar calendar.